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volWe are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in California, USA. We’re a congregation of individuals brought together by a unified desire to help the deprived*  children in the Philippines and the dependent elderly in Northern California. The urgency to help ever present in day-to-day living, merged with the desire to reach out to the community that is  common among its members, when joined together shall set ablaze the little light in each and everyones heart  to effect the needed change not just in the lives of the beneficiaries but also to all involved. United by love and driven by compassion, the group inspires itself in the lines of a song: “This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna make it shine… Let it shine… ”



The raffle drawing has been postponed to August 2018 due to unforeseen circumstances that has made the organization unable to conduct the FUNDRAISING RAFFLE on the original date stipulated. In this case, the raffle tickets sales will still continue and precise time, date and venue of the drawing will soon be posted. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

POST from December: We will be holding a Fundraising Raffle on December 9, 2017. There will be amazing prices at stake! Please contact us to avail of the tickets.

All proceeds will fund our cause.




Growing in self-worth and self-respect, the deprived* children (in the Philippines) and dependent elderly (in Northern California) shall display a certain degree of joy or hope in life despite being in a disadvantaged state.


Our aim is to design, undertake and support activities and programs that directly uplift the state of being of the deprived* children in the Philippines  and1147946_10201233038261953_1958222666_n the dependent elderly in selected centers in Northern California. For the well-being of our beneficiaries, we shall build psychological health thru visitations and conduct meaningful activities such as group counseling sessions, experiential learning activities or structured learning activities, games, and contests in orphanages and care homes in Northern California and in public schools, children’s centers and poorer districts in the Philippines.  We shall promote good physical health thru physical assessment, lectures and medical missions during visitations. We will also distribute educational materials and conduct arts and crafts and skills-trianing as needed, allocate food and nutritional supplies, as well as gift packages to children and the elderly in target areas.



For all of the viewers or internet audience who are not familiar with the Philippines, we have added a map of the archipelago to give you an idea of the islands and where our outreach programs in the area are located.


HAPPY NEW YEAR. January 2017, our first outreach of the year, was conducted by our volunteers spearheaded by Mr and Mrs Ari and Emie Mortega  were held in Iba, Silang Cavite and in Maramba, Oas, Albay, Philippines, respectively. To the donors and the volunteers, our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of you for sharing your blessings. Continue to Let Your Light Shine…


our volunteers in action

building a makeshift shed to protect the children from the drizzle during the event


October 31, 2016. Outreach conducted in Barangay Lingu Solana, Cagayan Valley, Philippines after the Supertyphoon Lawin hit the country.

games and activities for the children
games and activities for the children



*deprived in its context is defined by the organization to refer to a state of being lacking in and denied of the  basic needs, health, education and sustenance in nutrition/food



Let Your Light Shine…  to God be the glory …..

Please check out the OUTREACH and GALLERY pages to see photos of our recent activities