The Deprived Children …


“the Children are our Future”… a common conception of most of us when we speak about the children. For most of the developed countries, the future is brighter for their privileged children but for the developing countries, it is somehow bleak. It is our utmost desire in our own little ways to bestow to them even a miniscule taste of happiness and to put a smile in their faces through our gifts/presents and by spending time with them through activities that will enrich their minds and uplift their spirits.

In the last five years since our organization has started, we have covered numerous areas that we were given the privilege to impart our services and accord our presents and gifts, which we have accumulated from the generous donors, to the least fortunate children; As most of the members of our organization are of Filipino decent, we know for a fact that education is a top priority even to the poorest of the poor Filipino. We have seen how the parents (especially families from the remote areas) would send their children to elementary schools no matter the distance from their homes, may it be with or without transportation. Children would walk in their worn out flip-flops through the rough mountainous terrains. Thus, as part of the gift giving, we have not only provided them some educational materials but also handed out brand new flip-flops. They no longer walk bare foot or in their worn out flip-flops!img_3416-150x150img_3380-150x150

It has been so rewarding to be able to share the blessings that we have received everyday. Seeing the little faces brighten up when we hand them their little presents is PRICELESS.